For over 20 years, Port Technical Services has conducted technical training tailored specifically for port mechanics. The program offers training from the most basic maintenance fundamentals to the most advanced technology used in our industry. PTS  training programs emphasize skills improvement, diagnostics and troubleshooting, structured training by shop or position, and post-training support. In addition to classroom instruction, hands-on training is a major part of each course.

Measurable benefits accrue as a result of enhanced technical training.  You can expect to experience reduced parts consumption and less equipment downtime. Additionally, you’ll see improved mechanic productivity, better repair quality, and improved safety in your operation.

Thousands of  students from major port employers have successfully completed PTS courses from beginner to advanced in the following fields:

• Electrical
• Hydraulics
• Diesel/Automotive
• Welding /Welding Gas Handling
• Refrigeration
• Container/chassis inspection & repair
• Rigging



Training can be scheduled at the customer’s convenience
at your facility.
Please contact us for details.

Training courses typically run between 1 and 8 days in length at our New Jersey training facility for local students.  Longer courses are held one day per week to balance training and regular work responsibilities.  For out of town students, courses can be structured on a weekly basis at our facility or we can come to you.  Each student typically receives a textbook, custom informational binder and all the critical tools and safety equipment needed for training, which can be taken back to the job after training.

PTTI offers hands-on operator training on a wide variety of port-specific equipment. Our goal is to prepare port personnel for the challenges they face while operating the sophisticated port equipment of today and tomorrow.  Our curriculum is aimed at improving safety and productivity that extends throughout your operation.



Operator training is performed on the following equipment:

• Forklifts
• Yard Tractors
• Container Handlers
• Straddle Carriers
• Yard Gantry Cranes
• Shoreside Gantry Cranes

training3This training is typically performed at your facility and includes classroom and hands-on instruction on your equipment. Refresher training is also performed. Instruction focus is on safety, equipment familiarity and skill improvement. Training documentation provided includes testing results, hands-on training results and certification paperwork.

Operator training is scheduled on a customer-by-customer basis.

PTTI is also your source for regulatory compliance certifications and re-certifications, including:

• National Fire Protection Association Workplace Electrical Safety (70E)
• Welding gas (torch) handling (oxygen & acetylene)
• Refrigerant handling, recycling & recovery (EPA Section 608 & 609)
• Rigging
• Powered Industrial Truck
• Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration chassis inspection, brake inspection & repair
• Welding (AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel)